About Us

Nicoya Farm is a small vegetable farm, owned and operated by Daniel Robleto and Aviva Asher, and located in Gainesville, FL. We grow nutrient- dense vegetables for two weekly markets. We build healthy soil and use intensive, regenerative farming practices to grow high quality, nutritious crops on one acre.

We began our farming journeys separately in the early 2000’s and have extensive experience growing food and providing educational opportunities on urban and rural farms throughout the US and in Nicaragua. In 2015, we joined forces to start Nicoya Farm on leased land in South Florida. In 2019, we bought our land collectively with a group of close friends, and the following year we transitioned the farm to its new home in SE Gainesville. We are farming on land that was originally the home of the Native Potano people, and we are grateful to be stewards of this land. We aim to help create and sustain a viable and vibrant local food system, one that strengthens community ties, and breaks down barriers to healthy food. Nicoya Farm is committed to community food sovereignty and cultural preservation of food and farming practices.